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Using Gibbs: Example of reflective writing in a healthcare assignment Description In a placement during my second year when I was working on a surgical ward, I was working under the supervision of my mentor, caring for a seventy-two year old gentleman, Mr Khan (pseudonym), who had undergone abdominal surgery. Gibbs' Reflective Cycle. Gibbs' Model of Reflection is commonly used in education, healthcare and psychology. You can find a full description of Gibbs' Reflective Cycle along with both student and professionally written examples in this guide. Using the Gibb’s Reflective Cycle model (Gibbs, ), has helped me to analyse what took place and examine my own insight and take on what happened. This experience was a learning curve for me as a novice and it will be beneficial to my learning experience as I .

Reflection Using The Gibb’s Reflective Cycle model Essay Example

For confidentiality purposes, I will name my family member as Estelita who is a fifty five year old female. She called an ambulance, whereby a FRU car arrived, essays gibbs reflective model, followed by a backup ambulance crew. The FRU responder performed, essays gibbs reflective model. The essay will discuss my thoughts and feelings surrounding the situation and analyse the coping strategies I used in managing the situation, linking to relevant theory throughout in order to provide.

My aim of this essay is to reflect on my learning outcomes: Pressure sore care and management; PEG feeding which is an alternative way to provide nutrition to a patient who is not able to obtain nutrition through the mouth and administration of a subcutaneous injection. Ian-Bradley Tancred This essay analyses and describes what reflection is and how it supports your personal and professional learning.

It elaborates upon how and why recognizing your strengths and weaknesses are important and how they can enhance lifelong learning. It describes what arguments and assertions are, essays gibbs reflective model, what the differences are between them and which one is better. Debnath describes reflection as a means of self-examination to learn from knowledge and experiences which will help transform.

Moreover, this model will be useful in breaking the new skills that I have developed into a way that I can understand. This model will also enable me to turn my experiences into knowledge that I can refer to in the future when facing same or similar situations.

Gibbs model seems to be straightforward compared to the other model which. The cycle has six phases: description of the incident, expressions of feelings about the situation, evaluation of the positive and negative aspects of the. The first stage of Gibbs reflective cycle is to give a description of what happened which will now be discussed. My preparation for my taped interview, essays gibbs reflective model. This will be achieved by providing a definition of communication, making reference to models of communication and explaining how different types of communication skills can be used in practise.

In order to engage in meaningful communication and develop effective communication skills, nurses must engage in the process of reflecting on how communication skills are utilised in practise. Reflection allows the nurse opportunity to gain a deeper insight into personal strengths and weaknesses and. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate my understanding of reflection and reflective practice.

Reflection means that we learn by thinking about our experiences and seeing them in a different way. Nurses experience physical, hands on, during their roles, but unless they search for the knowledge that comes from realising what came of what they did, then practice standards will deteriorate. In this paper, I am going to reflect on the situation that took place during the interview session of my first clinical in an old age home.

I am going to use Gibbs Model for Reflection for this reflective writing in my assignment. Description The first clinical placement for my first semester of bachelor of nursing was in an old age home. In the old age home, my colleague and I had to take an interview with one elderly lady. We started talking to Mrs. X who is 88 years old. X began sharing her experience with us. While talking, I found that my colleague was very much confident than me. She was responding Mrs.

Essays gibbs reflective model with words and was asking questions whereas I was just smiling, essays gibbs reflective model. Then, Mrs. I am disappointed that Essays gibbs reflective model pre-judged Mrs. X based on her age group. I was also not very confident and hesitated to accept my weaknesses. However, I am glad that I learnt immediately from the situation and changed my opinion towards elderly people. Analysis I realized that I had made generalized assumption about the elderly age group.

However, I came to know that elderly people are also well informed and are cooperative. I also felt that I was over cautious about my accent. After talking to the instructor, I understood that I would have been able to help Mrs, essays gibbs reflective model. X to understand my accent by talking slowly and clearly rather than by asking essays gibbs reflective model friend to ask questions of my part. I also learnt that some difficult questions could be asked in better way by substituting the tough term with other simpler terms.

Conclusion After this, I realized that I should not have judged essays gibbs reflective model about elderly people before talking to them. I should have researched about how to interview elderly people and prepared myself for the interview. I now feel that interview would have gone more smoothly and I would have more fun if I had not hesitated to ask the words that I did not understand. With the help of my mentor, I also realize that I need to be more confident to become essays gibbs reflective model good interviewer and eventually a good nurse.

Action Plan In future, I will avoid presupposing people based on factors such as, age group. I will make sure that I know enough about the group of people that I am.

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essays gibbs reflective model


Reflective Writing Using Gibb's Model of Reflection Essay Words | 4 Pages. Reflective Writing Essay INTRODUCTION The following reflective writing essay will centre on a particular event that I witnessed. I will be using Gibbs’ model of reflection, from Gibbs, G. (). Gibbs' Reflective Cycle. Gibbs' Model of Reflection is commonly used in education, healthcare and psychology. You can find a full description of Gibbs' Reflective Cycle along with both student and professionally written examples in this guide. Gibbs Reflective Cycle Example- Nursing Essay. Gibbs Reflective Cycle Example. Create a reflective piece using the Gibbs Reflective Model which identifies an incident in the workplace where there was a lack of leadership.