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Do you often lose your sleep over your pending human resource assignment? Do you end up searching for human resource assignment help more often than not? Well, if you are struggling to finish your human resource paper on your own, you have come to the right place. is the leading. Dec 09,  · Human Resource Management Assignment Sample 1. Assignment Human Resource Management Type of Documents: Assignment No of Words: 2, Disclaimer: This is a sample document prepared by and has been submitted on turnitin. Dec 30,  · Also, it is crucial for firm to manage the human resources significantly and value them in order to retain them for long term in business. Human resource professionals involves all the employees in decision making process so that they make healthy relations with them and grow the organization in an effective manner.

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Sample Assignment on Human Resource Management 1, human resources assignment. It human resources assignment the processes such as recruitment, selection, placement, induction, training and development, motivation, compensation, benefits, etc. It helps in increasing the productivity of the organization by effective utilization of employees. It also helps in improving the performance of the employees. Main objective of HRM is to acquire, develop and retain best talent in the organization Davenport, However, HR department of enterprise is highly concentrating upon planning different policies and practices so that the set goals can be attained.

Also, it is crucial for firm to manage the human resources significantly and value them in order to retain them for long term in business. Human resource professionals involves all the employees in decision making process so that they make healthy relations with them and grow the organization in an effective manner.

Further, the areas that are covered in this report are differences among human resource management and personnel management, methods of recruiting, rewarding employees in order to motivate and retain them and the mechanisms for human resources assignment cessation of employment Delahaye, TASK 1 1. HR department follows planning, recruiting, training and development programs in order to keep the human resources efficient and improve their skills and knowledge effectively.

Here, personnel management can be stated as the process that focuses upon the development of human resources so that functions of business can be carried out effectively Hafiza and et. Thus, the top management of Marriott provides rewards and bonuses to efficient workers and encourage them. While, HRM possess a wider scope than personnel management and helps in managing the functions of employees. Following is the difference between personnel and human resource management are discussed underneath- Personnel Management Human Resource Management It is related with employees, their payroll and other administrative functions.

It is related with the management of employees and contribute to organizational success. It is a traditional approach. It is a modern approach. It is a routine function. It is a strategic function.

It is based on job evaluation. It is based on performance evaluation. In this, communication is indirect. In this, communication is direct. It has slow decision making process Uyar and Deniz, It has fast decision making process Guest, Paauwe and Wright, human resources assignment, In this, division of work among employees is done.

For performing any work, employees are divided into groups. As it has seen that human resource management is better than personnel management, so it is essential for the Marriott hotel to follow human resource management in their organization. It helps the cited company to improve its productivity by proper utilization of employees. Further, it also helps in training and motivating the employees so that they can perform better. Putting the right person at the right job is also one of the important function of HRM.

Moreover, it also helps in human resources assignment the employees of an organization Yeo and Li, Planning helps in determining the goal of an organization and identify the policies and procedures to reach those goals.

Organizing refers to assigning and coordinating the functions to different individuals Hoobler and Johnson, Directing means to put the plan into action and motivate employees to perform better. Controlling refers to control the actions of individuals in an organization. Employment includes recruitment, selection, placement, etc. Development includes the functions which helps in developing the employees of an organization through training and development program.

Compensation involves monetary and non-monetary rewards Jackson, They give their advice in formulation and evaluation of rules human resources assignment procedures, human resources assignment, maintaining good relations with the employees, manpower planning, job analysis and design, etc Kaufman, human resources assignment, Human resource department needs to analyse the efficiency of candidates at the time of applying and then select the best from them to enhance the performance of hotel in order to fulfil the needs of guests Lamond and Zheng, However, human resources assignment, it is essential for management of Marriott to organize effective training sessions for its employees so that they can enhance their skills and capabilities and achieve organizational goals.

In turn, they have the authority to report to higher level regarding their team member's performance. Further, line manager of Marriott plays various roles in HRM such as they fill out performance appraisal forms of employees, human resources assignment, carrying out interview of new entrant, providing recommendations, deciding salary of the employees regarding increment, resolving the issues of the employees, performing advisory functions, etc Williams and Naumann, Thus, analysing all such factors helps in developing a positive environment at business and carry out the operations in a smooth flow.

Line managers are also required to conduct regular meetings and conferences with employees so that they can assess their feedback and provide best solutions to them Zairi, human resources assignment, For instance, it is the duty of the line manager to closely monitor the work done by employees so that output can be assessed effectively.

Thus, it helps in analysing the possibility of any improvement in the work done and achieve desired goals Hale, Thus, line manager is required to convey the message regarding any specific needs of workers to the top management so that it can be fulfilled and enhance the skills of candidates Monk and Wagner, Therefore, it is essential for Marriott hotel to undertake different legal laws and regulations human resources assignment by the UK government so that brand image of firm can be created in market.

It also resolves issues related to human resources assignment opportunity, human resources assignment, equal wages, health and safety, etc, human resources assignment. It has a great impact on organisation, sometimes employer is unable to reject some people even if they do not have the required attributes because of this law Nuttin, It affects company when there is a heavy workload and because of this law employer cannot force the employee to stay and work for long.

Also, it is essential for employer to provide breaks to workers in between of the work so that they can relax and overcome their stress level Purce, Sometimes company may incur heavy cost because of employee's mistake as they do not follow the safety measures. Also, it is essential for Marriott organization to implement different safety equipment such as fire extinguisher in order to overcome the hazards, human resources assignment. Moreover, training should be provided to employees in regard to face the challenges at the time of any incident at the human resources assignment thus, all such impacts the HRM of firm Hafeez and Aburawi, human resources assignment, It is a process through which anticipated need of human resource is identified in order to achieve the organizational goals.

It links the HRM and overall strategic plan. It is a systematic planning which helps in achieving optimum human resources assignment of human resources in an organisation. Thus, analysing such need helps management of hotel to recruit best candidates and meet the demand up human resources assignment a great extent Huemann, Keegan and Turner, However, it assists in carrying out the operations in terms of providing best services to guests and attaining results Morris, For instance, through retaining talented people in hotel it helps in satisfying the needs of visitors up to a great extent.


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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. ASSIGNMENT ON HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. BY RAHUL GUPTA Q.1 Mention and briefly explain different sources of recruitment?. Recruitment: Recruitment refers to the process of screening, and selecting qualified people for a job at an organization or firm, or for a vacancy in a volunteer-based some components of the recruitment process, mid- and /5(17). Assess how human resource management functions help your chosen organisation in achieving its functions. Human resources or the employees are most valued asset for the organisations and therefore it is essential to ensure the proper management of the same which will ultimately prove to be helpful in the achievement of the desired results of the organisation (Bratton and Gold, ). Dec 09,  · Human Resource Management Assignment Sample 1. Assignment Human Resource Management Type of Documents: Assignment No of Words: 2, Disclaimer: This is a sample document prepared by and has been submitted on turnitin.