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operations management assignment

This report is aimed at comparing and contrasting the approaches to operations management in at different types of organisations. Operations management is a core contributor to a firm’s success and developing competency is widely recognized as a key factor in determining the strategic and competitive advantage of the firm. Aug 22,  · Operations Management Assignment 2 Operations Strategy IntroductionDominos is one the leading pizza delivery companies globally. The Company has aunique business and operation model and is a pioneer in the fast food industry. Craighead and Meredith, Operations management research: evolution and alternative future paths. International Journal of Operations & Production Management. well-skilled, knowledgeable and optimistic manager for their organization success and growth. In the assignment, the different management styles are compared. Briefly, the.

Sample Assignment on Operation Management in Business

Operation and management are the key factors of strength in an organization. The management and operations assignment - Amazon report will discuss the role of management and leadership in organization along with quality and waste management in workplace. The report will present the theories and models of leadership and cost of quality. The management and operations assignment - Amazonreport will discuss the Amazon organization in term of operational strengths and weakness through the role of managers to meet the changes and capacity management.

The report will present the recommendation to improve the management in workplace. Management is the process of getting together the resource so that objectives can be achieved in effective operations management assignment efficient manner.

Management means to reduce the wastage of resources and to increase the attainment through high utilization of resources. Management is a hierarchical order of responsibilities and operations management assignment distribution to achieve the objectives. The main role of management is to plan the objectives, managing resourceslead the people and control the work to accomplish the objectives effectively. At other side, leadership is more centric to motivate the people of the organization to follow the strategies of management, operations management assignment.

Operations management assignment is liable to enhance monitor the implication of operations management assignment strategies and objectives through the workforce, operations management assignment.

Leadership is required to understand the working environment and to prepare the wining strategies to accomplish the work in effective way Mondy operations management assignment Martocchio, The measure of work progress is also the job of leaders.

Management and leadership functions are quit related but have difference to solve the problems in workplace. Kotler has defined that management is the administrative unit whereas leadership is innovative workforce to accomplish the strategies of management via people of organization, operations management assignment. Management has function to plan and organize the resource for the objectives but leadership is related to accomplish the plan in effective manner through the arrangements of management.

Function of the management is to focus on the system and structure but leadership is much more about the through put from the people Hendry, Leadership functions include the motivation, internal strategy to deliver the work, performance management etc but management is about the operations management assignment allocation, achievement of objectives, operations management assignment, planning of strategies to sustain etc.

Drucker has defined the management by objectives as a model to define the objectives of management and employees in clear manner so that they can work effectively, operations management assignment. The model emphasizes the distribution of work and responsibility among management and employees. Management by objectives is effective as it enhances the participation and commitment from employees to be agreed on the accomplishment of objectives from management, operations management assignment.

However the model requires the effective support from the top management. The model and concept also has the impact of effectiveness of management to distribute and clarify the objectives. The employees also may require training and skills to understand and contribute in management objectives Dias, Al though, the employee participation operations management assignment to achieve the objectives in innovative manner. Management may have a number of roles in workplace but Mintzberg has classified the roles into three main categories:.

Interpersonal role: it involves the behavioural relationship of management with other employees of the organization. In interpersonal role, operations management assignment, operations management assignment work as the figurehead to ensure the right implication and use of power of employees to accomplish the work. The management also work as leaders to encourage the employees to enhance the productivity and performance through moral support.

The liaison role of management helps to communicate with employees for better improvements in organizational operations, operations management assignment. Informational role: management also work as the monitor to govern the performance and productivity along with disseminator and spokesperson.

Manager distributes the work and responsibility and guides the employees to understand their objectives and role in workplace. Decisional role: management needs to handle the disturbance in workplace along with decisions on the resource allocation Armstrong and Taylor, Management has the role to decide the entrepreneur approaches to operations management assignment the work through scopes and negations, operations management assignment.

The common leadership traits define the leader as a personality with high power of motivation, honesty, confidence, cognitive ability and emotional maturity. Knowledge of business, high effort and innovation in work are some other traits to differentiate the leader from other employees in Amazon organization, operations management assignment. However, the traits theory may have difference prospective to determine the success and effectiveness.

Two leadership styles are:. Autocratic leadership: managers have total authority and power to making decisions in business operations rather expecting the input from others.

This leadership style is effective to operations management assignment the employees closely and to make decision in time to meet the competitive advantages but the leadership may lack the applicability due to less integration of employees. Democratic leadership: operations management assignment of employees is expected to make decision with managers of Amazon organization.

Management needs to analyse the performance of the employees and to plan the strategies to meet the business objectives of the organization. Management skills are also required to manage the organizational structure and responsibility in Amazon organization. Hard skills of management cover the capabilities to measure performance, operations management assignment, to take decisions and to structure workplace in term of operations management assignment and assets.

Management needs to posses the capabilities to solve the problems and to understand the changes taking shape in Amazon organization. At other sides, soft leadership skills are communication, self-motivation, team building and working Daft, The leadership skills should be good in real time problem solving along with better understanding with business objectives and strategies, operations management assignment.

Transformation processes are required in Amazon to meet the changes in customer demands and market trends. Operation management can implement the transformation through three processes:. Redesign process: Entire operation management or part of it can be redesigned to meet the changes.

Amazon has special sales and products to attract the customers on occasions so that demands and services may need the changes to perform the work in effective manner. The internal operations may be redesigned to produce more sophisticated work for customer satisfaction, operations management assignment. Development process: Amazon can use the development process to transform the operation management.

Social and technical skills of employees can be development in workplace to promote the culture operations management assignment performance and high productivity Avolio and Yammarino, Human resource management and asset management can be empowered to develop the strengths in operations. Leadership process: the employees need the motivation and guidance to accomplish the business objectives so Amazon offers the effective leadership to keep the employees motivated and innovative in work.

Quality means the excellence in something in comparison of similar things. In case of Amazon, quality means to deliver the customer satisfaction through the desired products and services in effective time.

The managers in Amazon organization has to deal with four cost to achieve the objectives effectively:. Prevention cost: cost associated with business operations to prevent the quality form being downgrade is prevention cost of quality.

Investment on planning, implementation and control for quality is example of prevention cost. Appraisal cost: cost associated with measuring and monitoring the quality in workplace is appraisal cost. Cost of quality audit and verification is part of appraisal cost.

Internal failure operations management assignment this is the cost required to remedy the internal failure to produce the quality services and products DRURY, It includes the cost of failure analysis, waste management, scrap and rework for quality.

Managers in Amazon organization are liable to control the quality of the work and to deliver the customer satisfaction, operations management assignment.

The role of the managers is to manage the performance and improvements in products and services towards the customers, operations management assignment. The managers in Amazon also need to evaluate the process to simplify the approaches to accomplish the business objectives.

Managers need to make the processes standards to enhance the total quality of the organization operations. Improvements in work culture to understand the customer demands and market trends are also the job of managers to support the total quality management in organization. Amazon organization uses the approach of just in time in production departments to reduce the waste and to enhance the efficiency in inventory management as goods and products are ordered to keep in inventory on demand.

In this manner, inventory for the goods can be used effectively to store the variety of products. Inventory management cost can be reduced with just in time approach. Waste is also reduced with proper forecasting of demands and consumptions in operations.

The organization operations management assignment the approaches to recycle and reuse the products to reduce the overall waster from the operations. Products are refurbished to improve the quality and to minimise the waste in organization Goetsch and Davis, Managers in Amazon organization can adjust the capacity management with the help of three methods: strategic planning, incentive blocking and incorporating issues in capacity management.

Strategic: Amazon managers use the strategic capacity management to mitigate the throughputs for the information technology related resources. The strategic approach is required to control the capacity of process to meet the present and future demands in operation with the concept of on demand production. Incentive blocking: the outcome from the process of technical operations is suppressed to block the excess of production so that inventory, management and quality cost can be handled according to demands.

Incentive adjustment: this method is used to adjust the processes and operations to adjust the productivity and quality in organizational services so that customer satisfaction can be met. It is required to optimize the use of resources to adjust the capacity management Oakland, Amazon organization is effectively working to deliver the services and operations management assignment to customers as the managerial unit is accomplishing the role to lead the organization.

The planning and organization of resources and strategies for organizational management and growth is mirror of managerial skills and capabilities available in Amazon. The managers are effective to control the resources and operations management assignment measure the performance so that customer satisfaction is enhancing.

Leaders operations management assignment high professional and skilled to motivate and support the employees to deliver the objectives in time Stark, The productivity and performance indicate the effectiveness of leaders in organization to accomplish the work in Amazon. Amazon organisation started the appearance as online book library in Later the organization has introduced the service in retail products and services along with manufacturing of mobile devices.

The organization has employment for thousand people to serve the customer in retail services online. The organization offers the operations management assignment in almost every section to cover the global market.

The reliability and customer support from Amazon is the mark of continuous growth in customers and market coverage. The organization also has the affiliation programs along with merchant partnership to generate the revenue. Amazon also offers the cloud computing services with the name AWS. Merchant, operations management assignment, advertisements and product promotions are some of the subsidiary function of amazon. I am working in the department of customer support and relation in which I need to manage the information and to respond the customer for their operations management assignment. The department of customer support and relation handle the information about operations management assignment customer accounts and their orders through the website and application.

The department serves the other departments and operations by sharing the customer information for queries and features. The operation management works on the analytical results produced by customer relation department so that customer requirements and expectations can be included in online services.


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operations management assignment


Unit 4 Management and Operations Assignment. Introduction. The report has been prepared in context of the role of managers and leaders in the organization which helps the company in the improvement of the production efficiency and development of the high quality products. Aug 22,  · Operations Management Assignment 2 Operations Strategy IntroductionDominos is one the leading pizza delivery companies globally. The Company has aunique business and operation model and is a pioneer in the fast food industry. Craighead and Meredith, Operations management research: evolution and alternative future paths. International Journal of Operations & Production Management. well-skilled, knowledgeable and optimistic manager for their organization success and growth. In the assignment, the different management styles are compared. Briefly, the.